Here at Lighthouse we’re celebrating Christmas in a refreshing way - returning our focus to the birth of Jesus, the true reason for the Christmas season! We want to express the heart of Jesus for people suffering from forced labor, hunger, the lack of clean water or the inability to afford basic needs.

Please join us in contributing to these Advent Conspiracy projects to alleviate suffering caused by poverty or injustice. 100% of your giving will go directly to these organizations!

Learn more about the different
organizations we're giving to:


PHANTOM LAKE Elementary & Jubilee Reach

We are seeking to raise $15k for Jubilee REACH (Community Care Fund) to help meet the needs of students and families in the Lake Hills area. These funds provide financial assistance to the local families to meet such needs as emergency rent, payment of electrical and heating bills, and unforeseen medical expenses.

In addition, $5k will go directly to PLE to support various student needs (e.g. field trip support, supplies, etc.) and also support high needs families through the work of Family Connections Center.

Total GOAL: $20,000


International Justice Mission &

We are seeking to raise $10k for each of the following two justice focused organizations:
IJM: To support the work of the Cambodia Field Offices focused on freeing children and adults enslaved through trafficking across international borders. This is the new type of slavery that is entrapping and exploiting the poor especially in Cambodia today. Young children as well as men and women are forced to work on fishing boats, in rice fields and other types of labor camps.

AIM: To support the work of AIM who is “working to relentlessly rescue, heal and empower survivors of trafficking to be free. Because this work doesn’t stop at the rescue. For these girls to truly heal and grow, they need to feel the unconditional, relentless love of Christ. When this love is shown, survivors understand their true worth and value, and then they are able to become abolitionists themselves, raising their voices and fighting for the freedom of other girls. In addition to this, our protection programs are targeting the root of the issue by addressing the demand for purchased sex and protecting the vulnerable in the community.” The funds raised will support the salaries for 1-2 House Moms that provide care within AIM’s Restoration Home and Transitional Homes.

Total GOAL: $20,000


Living Water International

We are seeking to raise $20k for Living Water International, which exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water, and to experience “living water”—the gospel of Jesus Christ—which alone satisfies the deepest thirst. We are hoping to continue our partnership with Living Water and their ongoing work in India and Africa to build wells and support the local Christian workers in remote and sensitive areas. 

Total GOAL: $20,000


Watumull Children's Education

 We are seeking to raise $20k for Watumull Children's Education. Bethany Joy school project in Kawangware, Nairobi, headed by our own missionaries Chitra and Scot Wright, is a Christian school for the poorest children in the area.  It provides Christ-centered education that can help to break the cycle of poverty for these families. Due to the growing student body they continue to experience many needs and through this year’s Advent Conspiracy, we are hoping to support the building of additional classrooms and dorms for the 20 street boys.  

Total GOAL: $20,000