Special Serving Opportunities

Childcare for the Young Families Small Group
Sign up form is available below; message Al and Ev Ko for more information at theakos@yahoo.com 

serving Sunday Mornings

Looking for ways to serve but not sure where to start? You've come to the right place! Fill out the form below with the ministry you're interested in serving in and we'll reach out to you!

Parking & Greeting
Responsible for welcoming people as they arrive at Phantom Lake Elementary on Sunday mornings. This includes waving in the parking lot and greeting people as they walk to the building.

Responsible for preparing the Phantom Lake gym for Sunday morning worship and cleanup afterwards. This mainly includes setup of chairs and multimedia equipment as necessary.

Children's Ministry
Responsible for assisting in facilitating Sunday classes for children from Nursery – 5th grade.
Also needed are teachers to share and help children grow in God’s Word.  As a team, we build relationship with the children to know, love, and serve Jesus.

Youth Ministry (SYTE: Serving Youth on The Eastside)
Responsible for mentoring and being present for 6th - 12th grade kids. This includes attending Friday evening and Sunday morning groups, as well as occasional recreational events, leading discussions and building relationships with the youth.

Audio Team
Responsible for all things audio Sunday mornings and special events. This includes equipment setup and sound mixing.

Visuals Team
Responsible for Sunday projection, including slides, announcements and other media. This can also include assisting in the design of our Sunday morning graphics.

Lighting Team
Responsible for all things lighting during Sunday services. This includes spotlights, stage lights, and house lights.

Responsible for greeting and assisting Sunday morning service attendees. This includes welcoming people at the door and showing people to available seats.

Live Streaming
Responsible for the management of the online broadcast of our Sunday morning worship services. This includes camera operation, video switching, and a specific audio mix for the live stream.

Welcome Services
Responsible for answering questions and providing additional information to Sunday morning attendees. This includes being available at the Welcome Table to connect with newcomers and other visitors.

Worship Team
Responsible for leading in musical worship. This includes vocals and/or playing an instrument (eg. guitar, drums, bass, etc.). Also assists with setup and cleanup of worship equipment.

Lighthouse Cafe
Responsible for setting up and managing self-serve coffee station on Sunday mornings.

Connector Team
Responsible for meeting new people on Sunday mornings. This includes introducing themselves to new people and helping first-time visitors to have a positive experience.